Not every fairytale is harmless. 

Loki has battled an evil within himself for a millennia. Playing his role as Trickster, he has been alone. Now, he must defeat Odin, or our world is lost.

Cora, seer and French Quarter fortune teller, has dreamed of him all her life. But in seeking love and destiny, she finds herself thrust into war.

Together, they can chose each other or the world. Either will lead to heartache.

Magic is very, very real… And so are the monsters.


Abuse and neglect forged Sean and Michael's bond. Little did they know the Druid blood running through their veins would pull them in the battle for our world.
Raven is the daughter of a Norse God and the first Valkyrie. She has stalked battlefields for a thousand years finding worthy warriors, never finding love until now. Will she lose them before they have a chance?
When the Tree of Life calls, Sean, Micheal and Raven become her champions and guardians. Along the journey, their true destiny is revealed. Will it lead to more hardship or peace?



Emma Connolly, just wanted to see her best friend get married. She wakes up locked in a cell. Taken by an evil Order. Thrown into a world of magic, myths and ancient beings, she fights for her freedom meeting someone determined to get his revenge.

Jason, is a science project, a guardian created by the gods. He loves Aislin and vows to find Emma. Girl with the beautiful voice, in it he hears things he has never dared to dream of. Cursed by someone who hates him he is locked inside himself.


Thousands of years ago the Fates foretold Jason’s destiny.

She the key.


Ylva is the daughter of a Goddess and a Berserker. She is beautiful, kind and filled with a fierce power. She has controlled that power her entire life until him. Now it is free and only one man is strong enough to tame it and her.

Asger is a warrior like no other. Destined to become the first Guardian. She steals his heart. The fight for her is the greatest battle he will ever engage in.

The old magic knows what they need. Has chosen them. But how do four become one? 
Sometimes, the magic knows what you need.


Writer. Author. Storyteller.


Welcome to my world of Lore, Lust and Love. My books center around mythologies from around the world with a twist of course. Strong women find Alpha men.


I came to writing  through a long and winding road. I am a veteran, mom, and wife. I've been an avid reader all my life with stories swirling in my mind. Finally, after some pushing from my husband and best friend I wrote my first book.



MAY 8, 2017

Aislin Morrigan Flanery: Parentless and loveless, what else might she be?

In Nola, things are wild, in Scotland things are magical. She leaves her home to travel on a quest to find her father, only to be watched by evil. Drawn into a mythical war between those seeking power and those chosen to protect it, she will find out just how strong she is.

He is a Guardian, created to protect those that couldn't protect themselves. He is sent to find her, and discover her true intentions. However, he ends up finding so much more; destiny is funny that way.

Things are going to get very bad before they get better.

REMEMBER: Not all stories have happy endings!

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



Mandeville, LA, USA

Mandeville, LA, USA

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