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Indie Author

I always thought the writing would be the hard part. It's not, well at least for me. When you are an Indie, you have to be all things. Writer. Publisher. Advertiser. Sometimes designer. It's a lot of hats. And it's lonely. Often depressing. Let's get real.

A writer, often pours his or her soul into their story, some don't I get it. For some it is a business. More power to them. I wish mine was more business like, although right at this moment I'd have to close shop.One year, three books and two novellas and I'm solidly in the red.

The point is we write these stories and then fight tooth and nail and amazon and other authors to get our stories into the hands of a reader. Honestly, just one to begin with. We fight for reviews and then are crushed if we get a bad one. Some are valid others well others are just people being mean.

I've met some wonderful people in this industry. One that want me to succeed and I guess I should feel happy that I haven't drawn any hate from people yet. I see this Indie Author world as a lot like high school, cliques and mean girls.

I wasn't popular in high school. So here I am, writing my stories at the table full of outcasts. Hoping that the cool kids spot me one day...that'd be you by the way the readers.

You guys are the cool kids because you hold my hopes and dreams in your hands.

(That's me on the far right..popcorn number 4..can't imagine why I wasn't super popular)

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