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Why I wrote Celtic Fire

When I was writing my first book my son asked me why it had taken so long for me to actual do it. I made a video on FB about my response. I wanted to tell him the truth. So I did. I said I was scared. Scared of everything about putting my work out for the world to see. Of course, now I wish the world would see it.

But, I think it also took me years because like the main character, Aislin I lost my mom way too soon. And while I'm not Aislin, there is a lot of my feelings about that loss in this story. I wasn't ready to deal with those feelings. So it was a long therapy session for me. A way to let my mom know that I had let go of some of the anger and for me to move beyond the moment of her death.

She died from cancer and as I grew closer and closer to the age she was when she passed, I grew more and more frighten of the same fate.

I don't know how putting those feeling and fears into the words helped but they did. I write about PTSD, sexual assault and other really hard subjects. Why? Because as a veteran with veteran friends I see them suffer from PTSD. As a human I know friends and family that deal with the effects of sexual assault. My characters live in a world where magic helps them heal from traumas and I wish those I know had that available to them. Since they don't I write characters that survive and are strong to maybe give them hope for just a moment.


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