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What It Means to be an Indie Author

I'm doing what I always wanted, writing beautiful stories with characters that make me and my readers laugh, cry and yell. I have readers message me and tell me they through their Kindle down. They've told me that the respect I show delicate topics really touched them. Those are the things that makes the hard days worth it.

In an older post, I talked about how I thought the writing would be the hard part and don't get me wrong some days it is but, I had no idea what this life would actually be like.

I saw a post on Facebook, another author and it was about how we have to do it all.

I also design my own covers. I didn't at first but after having a hard time getting my idea explained I decided to learn how. Marketing is so hard, time-consuming, and expensive. Did I say hard? Because it is.

Some days, I'm at my desk for 15 hours and at the end I feel like I accomplished ... NOTHING. I often feel like I'm behind on everything. When the words are slow in coming I stress, not only because of the words but because I think about everything is planned. What if I don't finish on time, it is all linked to finishing on time.

It can be lonely and frustrating but when someone messages me to tell me how my books touched them, it is all worth it.

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